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Advertising for tenants

Attracting the right tenant at the right time is an integral part of the property renting process. Internet campaigns and use of other marketing medial along with professional photography, we ensure that the right people scouting for a place find out about your property.
Our property managers will take you through the process from beginning to end:

  • Developing a Marketing Plan
  • Determining the target market
  • Looking at the property through prospective tenants' eyes
  • Understanding the importance of good advertising
Looking at the different advertising approaches:
  • Word of mouth
  • Property For Lease Signs
  • Newspapers
  • Flyers
  • Internet
  • Local employers
  • Direct Mailings
  • Other leasing agencies
  • Property brochure
  • Property Signs
This is the first step in most rental property advertising. The use of simple For Lease sign can be very effective and generate great results. Unless your property street appeal is poor or signs are not allowed by body corporate or strata managers, we immediately put up a sign with large crisp lettering that is easy to read.

Newspaper Advertising
Newspaper ads can be very effective if you follow some basic rules. Your property manager will help you with choosing the newspaper should you advertise in, the size of your ad, and what to include in the ad.

As mentioned by many property investors advertising for tenants is a claimable expense, however we recommend checking with your accountant for more information.