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Check List for your rental property

  Preparing your property for lease in Sydney

Unfortunately this is not always a quick fix! You need to do lots of cleaning and repairing. Not only you have to make the rental property presentable but also you have to consider the tenant's safety every step of the way. Remember that door which never shut properly? The broken glass panel in the window? the broken ceramic soap holder in the shower with sharp edge, which you always had to be careful about while taking a shower? or those loose steps to the backyard? You guessed it right! Now it is time to fix them all. You should prepare a list. Walk around your home and try to remember things you always wanted to fix. Try to imagine little ones playing around your home, they will go anywhere and touch everything. Here is a short list of things to check when presenting and preparing your home for rental: LETCO checklist

All light fittings should be secure & all lights in working order.
Power points should be working with no wires exposed.
The oven, stove top, grill & range hood should be in working order & free of grease.
Taps should not leak or drip & be easy to turn on & off.
Rips or tears in carpet should be repaired or replaced.
Loose tiles on bathroom or laundry walls should be secured or replaced.
Shower recesses should not leak & toilets should not run on.
If mould is a problem, it should be cleaned and the problem area painted with anti mould paint. An exhaust fan may have to be fitted if the problem occurs in the bathroom. The roof may also have to be checked for leaks if the problem is reoccurring or is in a certain area of the house.
Fences should be mended if falling down & gates repaired if not in working order.
Trees should be trimmed if they look like they might cause a problem in a storm.
There should be no cracks in windows and all windows should be able to open & close without difficulty & have secure locks.
Front door locks must be of a secure type & preferably have a deadlock.
Blinds or curtains should be fitted to windows if privacy is an issue.
Maintenance of the garden is a tenant's responsibility, however if the garden is landscaped, the owner may want to look after it themselves or have a professional maintain it.
All windows and doors including cupboard doors open and close easily.
All locks are secure and operate effectively with keys.
Full set of keys to be provided - one set for the managing agent and one full set and access keys if applicable for each tenant/s named as the lease holder/s under the lease agreement.
The property provides adequate security to enable tenants to obtain contents insurance for their personal items.
Carpets are professionally steam cleaned.
Pest control is current - annual service is a requirement.
In regards to cleanliness, the property is to be detailed to meet the expectations of the ingoing condition report.
Telephone line installation approval has been given. (tenant is responsible for the connection)
If a unit or a townhouse - 2 copies of the By Laws are provided to the letting agent - one for the Agent's file and one for the tenant.
Rubbish bins are available for tenant's use.
Make sure the smoke alarms have batteries and are operating.

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