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Collecting the rent
One of the most difficult challenges for a rental property manager is dealing with a tenant when the rent is late. You don't want to overreact and begin serving threatening legal rent demand notices, as this will create tension.
We consider mailing tenants a payment reminder. We also call our routinely slow rent payers and remind them that the rent is due. Automated SMS messages are also sent to all tenants and remind them to pay the rent.
You need to remain calm and businesslike and determine why the rent is late before taking any action.
We offer several options for rent payment to the tenants; this helps us to reduce instances of late payment. The payment methods offered by us include:
Internet banking through a financial institution chosen by the tenant
Collecting rent through direct debit from a bank account nominated by the tenant. We provide all the information that the tenant needs to arrange for an automatic transfer. Issues related to rent Rent in Advance Rent Arrears Rent Increases Unpaid Rent