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Conducting property inspections
All our property managers at LETCO real estate understand that proper maintenance is the key to greater earning potential and hence we conduct property inspections at regular intervals during the tenancy. The tenant is given a one week notice prior to each inspection, as required by law. A detailed property assessment report is provided to the owner which can include photographs or videos.
These inspections cannot be more than four times in a 12 month period.
Should the tenant be there when our property managers inspect the property?
It is always a good idea to have the tenant present when our property managers inspect the property. If there is something wrong or there is damage to the premises they can explain what has happened.
Should you be there when your property manager conducts an inspection?
At LETCO real estate our property managers always invite the owners to be there at general inspections. That way you can see the condition of the premises at first hand. You can also discuss the need for repairs and maintenance with your property manager on the spot.

Breaches of access and privacy
Below are some examples of infringement of the tenant's right to quiet enjoyment and privacy:
Entering the premises without notice or permission
Coming round and knocking at the door without notice
Working in the garden without notice
Cleaning gutters without notice