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We have prepared this information with the best of our abilities and we have taken every step to ensure that the information contained herein is factual and accurate. However, we accept no responsibility and claim no liability with respect to any errors, inaccuracies or misstatements that you may find contained herein. Prospective & current tenant, landlords, buyers and all other users of this website should make their own inquiries and they should verify that all the information is in fact true and correct.
All information contained in the LETCO website is provided as a convenience to you, our potential clients. All property prices displayed on this site are current at the time of issue, but those prices are subject to change at any time and are also subject to availability.

The information gathered here must never be used for commercial purposes without the written consent of LETCO.
LETCO reserves the right to take action, even legal action, when it deems it necessary to protect the site and all intellectual property contained within as provided by LETCO. These actions may include, but are not limited to breach of the Copyright act of 1968, Act number 63 of 1968, Trade Mark Act of 1995, Act number 119 of 1995, Trade Practices Act 1974 -Act number 51 of 1974 and Privacy Legislation, breach of contract and any obligation of confidentiality. Also, any unauthorized use of this information has the potential to misrepresent and mislead the involvement of LETCO and its authorized agencies in the reproduction. Any misuse will be prosecuted.

Privacy Policy:

LETCO adheres to a strict privacy policy. It is our policy to maintain your privacy when you visit our website. If you decide to provide to us your email address, we will keep it strictly confidential. We, and our representatives, may use your email address to contact you in the future if we decide to. We will never sell or give your information to any third parties.


LETCO reserves the right to take whatever legal action we deem necessary to protect the security of this site and the intellectual property rights of the information we provide. All content, including but not limited to text, material, graphics, software and advertisements on the LETCO website are copyright 2011 LETCO. You must not copy, modify, republish, reproduce, frame, post, upload to a third party, distribute or transmit this content in any manner except as provided for on this website or as authorised in writing by LETCO. Strictly on the condition that you keep all the content intact in the same exact form as it is presented on the website (including without limitation all copyrighted, trademarked and other proprietary notices) you may download and view said content for your own personal, non-commercial use.