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Managing Properties for DevelopersLETCO, We LET & Manage Properties in Sydney

Sometimes you are not planning to sell it all. Sometimes you decide to keep, care and wait. Maybe today is not the right day for it. Perhaps its day will come too, but not now.

Are you planning to lease some of your newly built properties for now?

Is the purchaser asking for a rental guarantee before they sign?

LETCO property management can help you achieve all that for your rental properties in Sydney. Let us lease and manage all your rental properties under one umbrella in Sydney.

Did you know

Property management is not only about managing properties. It is about managing people too.

Letco has been very professional and friendly to deal with. We have been working for them in the past few years. I will recommend them to my friends and family.

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Whether you own a single investment property or an entire portfolio, we at LETCO Property management provide tailored & efficient services for your rental property in Sydney.

LETCO offers personalised Property Management services across Sydney for local developers:

  • Providing rental appraisals
  • Managing your rental portfolio across Sydney
  • Dedicated property manager for your portfolio
  • Offering lower management fees for multiple properties
  • Assessing market rents to maximise your return
  • Attending Residential Tenancy Tribunal on your behalf
  • Monthly Rental statements detailing income and expenditure by email

foreign persons generally need to apply for foreign investment approval from Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) before purchasing residential real estate in Australia.

New place of residence and vacant land
Foreign persons need to apply and receive foreign investment approval before purchasing new dwellings and vacant residential land for development. Applications to purchase vacant land are normally approved subject to construction being completed within four years. Once new dwellings are built or purchased, they may be rented out, sold, or retained for the foreign investor’s own use.
Land that has previously had an established dwelling on it would generally not be treated as vacant land for the purposes of Australia’s foreign investment framework.

Established dwellings
Non-resident foreign persons are generally prohibited from purchasing established dwellings in Australia

Spouses of Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens and holders of Australian permanent visas do not require foreign investment approval when purchasing residential real estate as joint tenants.

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If you are a financial institution dealing with investors across Sydney, we love to hear from you. We offer:


  • Online 24/7 access to your clients Property information (with their permission)
  • Expert knowledge of Sydney rental property market
  • Maximising your client rental returns by using our management package
  • Comprehensive property inspection reports

we offer discounted fees for multiple properties:

  • 1 property 5.0%+GST
  • 2 properties 4.0%+GST
  • 3 or more properties 3.5%+GST

LETCO offers personalised Property Management services across Sydney.


Not Happy with your current property Manager?

It’s easy to change your property management company … just give us your authority, we will notify your current property manager and we’ll do the rest. Also just for making the switch, we’ll give you 3 months’ FREE property management (If your property is already tenanted). If you own multiple properties across Sydney, we offer discounted fees:

  • 1 property 5.0%+GST
  • 2 properties 4.0%+GST
  • 3 or more properties 3.5%+GST
Top 7 Mistakes


Top 7 mistakes rental property owners make:


  • signing up with multiple agents while looking for a tenant
  • Not maintaining their investment property
  • Improper marketing
  • Managing their own rental property
  • Not having open for inspection times
  • Not paying attention to property presentation
  • Ignoring current market conditions