Rental Portfolio For Sales Agents

LETCO Property Management can help managing your rental properties in Sydney. If you are planning to put a rent roll together by organic growth or acquisition, we can help.

Managing Properties for Sales AgentsWe are Your Property Managers

If you are currently working for an agency which is not interested in offering property management services and you would like to put together a rental portfolio, we can help!
We can keep your rental portfolio under our umbrella and transfer them to you when you are ready to open your office. While we manage your portfolio you still receive your commission  and you will also maintain your relationship with your investor clients.


Knowing what to look for in a managing Company:

We deliver quality service. large rental projects or individual home rentals, you can rely on us. As a professional property managers we handle a wide range of duties. LETCO is a full-serviced property management company in Sydney offering many services, such as:

  • Advertising & showing the rental property.
  • Tenant screening.
  • Rent collection.
  • Handling repairs.
  • Inspecting property.
  • Dealing with complaints from tenants & many more.

We offer high quality property management service. We are here to help you with success of your real estate investment and provide you with peace of mind.


LETCO property management will receive a percentage of the your collected rental commission for managing your rental properties. This kind of fee is a strong motivator which ensures you that rent is collected on time and are kept at market rent.

  • There are no long term management contracts.
  • We treat your properties with the time and attention needed to get the top results.
  • All your concerns are addressed in the management agreement.

Property management requires skills such as marketing, trust accounting & extensive knowledge of residential tenancies Act.

At LETCO we make sure you can devote hours of your productive work time to what is most important to you.


Congratulations! Now you have a team of property managers in place. we familiarise ourselves with your local area in which the property is located and will develop business relations with other professionals in the area. LETCO manage many properties and we have almost all Sydney covered.

Did you know

Property management is not only about managing properties. It is about managing people too.

Letco has been very professional and friendly to deal with. We have been working for them in the past few years. I will recommend them to my friends and family.

Business Owner, Home Termite Control