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Rental Property List

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Payment Method

Please confirm with our office before making any deposit.

Account name: Letco trust account
Bank: commonwealth bank
BSB: 062-438
Account No: 101 47 334
“Please mention the address of rental property as reference.”

Application Form

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Maintenance & Repair

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Vacating Notice

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In most circumstances access is not permitted on Sundays, public holidays and outside the hours of 8am to 8pm.

Tenant does not have to be present at the time of entry if proper notice has been given.

Notices the agent or landlord must give the tenant for accessing the premises in NSW:

To inspect the premises  7 days notice (no more than 4 times per year)
 For Property Valuation  7 days notice ( no more than once per year )
 Ordinary repairs & maintenance  2 days notice
 To comply with health & safety obligations e.g. Installing smoke alarms  2 days notice
 To Carry out urgent repairs  None
 In an emergency  None
 Concern about health and safety of tenant  None
 Reasonably believe the premises have been abandoned  None
 To show to prospective tenants  Reasonable notice (no more than twice per week with 48 hours notice)
 To show to prospective buyers  Reasonable notice (no more than twice per week with 48 hours notice)

When tenants sign a fixed term tenancy agreement (lease) they are committing to stay for the full term of the lease agreement. If circumstances change and they want to move out before the end of the fixed term there are potential costs involved. Sometimes a fixed term agreement can be terminated early without penalty.

Tenant and landlord can agree to include a break fee clause in the tenancy agreement. The break fee is a penalty which tenants agree to pay if they move out before the end of the fixed term.
If the fixed term of the agreement is for 3 years or less the break fee is:

● 6 weeks rent if tenants move out in the first half of the fixed term

● 4 weeks rent if tenants move out in the second half of the fixed term.

Nominated Tradespeople for urgent repairs:

Plumbing Repairs  Deagan  0411 802 548
Electrical Repairs  Andrew  0411 435 363
Other Repairs  Matt  0478 088 207

Emergency phone numbers in Sydney

Police, Fire & Ambulance: 000
Abortion Hotline: 9233 3780
Alcohol & Drug Information Service: 1800 422 599
Ambulance Bookings: 13 12 33
Cancer Council: 9334 1900
Centrecare Pregnancy Support: 9283 3099

Crime Stoppers (1800 333 000)
Emergency Dental Info (after hours): 9369 1111
Emergency Prescription Service: 9235 0333

Health Direct Australia (1800 022 222)
Medicare: 12 20 11
Poisons Information Hotline: 13 11 26

Police attendance: 131 444 (all states except Victoria)
Rape Crisis Centre: 9819 6565
Royal North Shore Hospital: 9926 7111

SES assistance in floods and storms: 132 500
St Vincents Hospital: 9339 1111
Sydney Hospital Emergency: 9382 7111
Sydney Sexual Health Centre: 9382 7440

Top tips for a problem-free tenancy

Useful tips to avoid problems while you are renting:

  • Always pay your rent
  • Keep in contact with your property manager
  • If you are happy in the place and your lease ends, renew your lease
  • Comply with the terms of your lease

If the fixed term is for more than 3 years and Tenant and the landlord agree to include a break fee clause, they can agree on the amount and write it into the agreement.
Where there is a break fee in lease agreement that is all tenants have to pay if they move out early. However, if the landlord or agent find a new tenant quickly it does not mean that tenant will get any of the break fee back. It is a fixed fee.